Affordable Housing – A Key to Ending Homelessness

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Image courtesy of BC Housing.

The recommendations presented to Council by the Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing represent an important step towards ending homelessness in Greater Victoria. As an organisation our focus has been those experiencing chronic homelessness. Because so much public attention on this issue is focused on matters of mental health or substance use, there is a tendency to underestimate the impact of the broader issue of housing affordability and the connection to emergency shelter use.   Continue reading

Aboriginal Homelessness – can you help us?

The recent release of the report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has once again exposed mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada as one of the core drivers of homelessness for this population. For some Canadians this open and brutally honest assessment of the devastation wrought by this century long policy is generating their first real understanding of the impact of colonization. Continue reading

Taking Steps to End Homelessness

Homelessness is back on the front page in our city again this Spring.  Concerns about camping in parks along with the interest in micro-housing solutions means that the public eye is focused on the issue to a degree not seen since the Coalition was first founded in 2007.

It is fortuitous then that the Coalition just released Creating Homes Enhancing Communities (CHEC) a detailed plan that highlights how much housing and supports would be required to end chronic homelessness in Greater Victoria. It speaks specifically to the amount of supportive housing required to house those who need more than just financial support to remain housed. Continue reading