Message from Students at South Park Family School about Homelessness

Dear Readers,

Over the past few months Div.7, of South Park Family School, has been helping the homeless. We have collected 400 blankets and donated them to Rock Bay Landing Homeless Shelter. We have also collected socks, sleeping bags, gloves, soaps and shampoos.

Over the past few months I have learned so much about the homeless situation in Victoria. The main thing I learned about the homeless is that they get ignored because of the way they look. I think that people should stop judging homeless people by the way they look on the outside and pay attention to the way they really are.

About three weeks ago my class went to Rock Bay Landing and the Burnside Gorge Community Center and I think I got a better perspective on the homeless and their problems when finding shelter they can afford. I recommend that if you want to help the homeless you could start by donating some money or a blanket or something that could help.

As Rose Henry, who has been homeless, said to us, “They’re homeless but not helpless!”

Best regards,

Taryn (Grade 5 student)