Monthly Archives: August 2012

Seeing Youth Homelessness

Just six more days until the bell rings for thousands of students across Greater Victoria – it’s time to head back to school. Students and parents are busy getting those last minute items; backpacks, binders, the perfect back to school outfit, juice boxes, snacks, the list goes on and on. But this isn’t the case for all youth. As youth who are homeless get ready for this school year, they have to consider where they will live and what they will eat, in addition to which classes they’ll take. Continue reading

The Definition of Homelessness

Homelessness doesn’t just affect the people we see on the street, it exists in invisible ways within our community: people living in abandoned buildings, those camping, or couch surfing, those living in overcrowded homes. Many people experiencing homelessness or those at risk of homelessness, experience poor physical, emotional, and mental health, and are often unable to plan and save for thriving futures. Continue reading