Coalition’s Christmas List

No matter what holiday tradition you celebrate, a list of items you’d like to receive is just polite – take the guess work out of it for others. Yes, the holidays are all about giving, but just-in-case someone wants to give us a gift, we’ve come up with a few suggestions:

  • $110 million dollars of capital funding to create supported housing units
  • 719 units of supported housing
  • 245 rental subsidies
  • Housing that reflects the diverse needs within Greater Victoria, such as: youth, Aboriginals, seniors, women and families
  • Warm beds for all – nobody should have to sleep outside or in the cold this winter
  • No child has to go hungry so their parent can pay rent
  • Winter clothes for those who have to spend too much time outside.
  • Shoes for all that need them. (Steel-toed boots also welcome for those trying to re-enter the work force)
  • Our two front teeth? …or perhaps timely access to dental care for all

While some of the items of the list may be ‘big ticket’ items, they will go a long way to end homelessness in our community.

Did we miss anything?

Share your Christmas List in the comments.