On May 14th Vote!

Get out and vote – it’s your future at stake.
We’re not advising on whom to vote for but we are urging people to get involved in the political process and to take a hard look at the party platforms. What’s important to you? Social assistance changes, creation of more supportive housing, harm reduction services, a poverty reduction plan? You decide, and vote for the Candidate that will best represent you.

Don’t have an address or photo ID? No problem!

Individuals with no fixed addresses and/or no photo ID are welcome to vote in the BC General Election. On May 14, 2013, make your way to Our Place (915 Pandora Ave) between 8am and 5pm. Letters of attestation will be available on site so that individuals with no fixed address and/or no photo ID can register and vote. If you have any ID (non-photo or otherwise), please bring it along with you to speed up the registration process. A mobile polling station will be set up at Our Place and people will be on-hand to provide assistance.
Tell a friend – encourage your peers to vote.