Meet Streets to Homes

S2HInfoIncreased public concern for a lack of safe, affordable housing has led communities all across Canada to look beyond bricks and mortar for long-term solutions. As models of client-centered care become more embedded in social services, housing providers are beginning to adopt a ‘Housing First’ model when working with Canada’s hardest to house.

Meet Streets to Homes.

Streets to Homes (S2H) is a collaborative community program that addresses cyclical homelessness in Greater Victoria by providing assistance with securing private market housing, rental subsidies and ongoing comprehensive support services. Streets to Homes connects Victoria’s chronically homeless population with stable housing for an average cost of $7,500 annually per participant.

Greater Victoria’s S2H model is a cost-effective and efficient alternative for people who chronically experience homelessness and multiple barriers to accessing stable, affordable housing. S2H is a shining example of community collaboration and fills a vital niche in the range of available housing and support options in Victoria. It provides a successful template with potential applications in other jurisdictions across BC.

“Devon Properties, as a market landlord, are fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved with Pacifica Housing in not only renting suites, but assisting people getting back on track in their lives through the Streets to Homes initiative.”  – Devon Properties Ltd.

“I came onto Streets to Homes in 2010 with no housing, no job, and poor health. Today, I am a full-time Camosun College student in a one bedroom apartment with my cat. I am also a part of the Work Program through Streets to Homes. I feel that Streets to Homes gave me a second chance.” – Streets to Homes Client

“Streets to Homes has made a huge impact on me. Without Pacifica Housing I do not think I would even be in a position to have gotten a dentist last year. Without Streets to Homes, there is no question that I would be a full blown alcoholic and sleeping in doorways. It is a very fine line between living and dying and Streets to Homes fill’s it just enough to make life worth living again. Thank you Pacifica Housing.” – Streets to Homes Client

Thanks to the staff at Pacifica Housing for putting this blog post together for us.

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  1. Willioam

    I hope your stats dont consider people housed by Pacifics Housing because they are nothing but an intrusive invasive organization. I am presently trying to get the attention of the office of the privacy commission . This place in Nanaimo run by Pacifica Housing could never be considered a home.

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