what’s needed to vote?


There have been changes in the voter identification requirements for voting in the upcoming Federal election. We’ve put together some information from Elections Canada on ID requirements and how to vote if you do not have a fixed address.

I have no fixed address. How do I vote?

What counts as my home address?

If you stay in a shelter: Your home address is the address of the shelter.

If you live on the street and receive services from a shelter or soup kitchen: Your home address is the address of the shelter or soup kitchen.

Where do I vote?

You vote at the polling place set up for your home address.

If you know the address of your shelter or soup kitchen, you can find out where to vote here. If not, ask at the shelter or soup kitchen, or call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

You must provide your identity and address to register and vote.

How do I prove my identity and home address?

See the list of ID accepted at the polls.

Here are some ways you can prove your identity and home address:

  • To prove your identity (name): You can show a piece of ID with your name on it, like a library card, public transportation card, birth certificate, hospital or health card, label on a prescription container or government statement of benefits.
  • To prove your home address: You can show an official letter called a letter of confirmation of residence. Learn how to get one from your shelter or soup kitchen.
  • If you don’t have ID proving your address: Take an oath, show two pieces of ID with your name, and have someone who knows you and who lives in your polling division attest to your address. Learn more about taking an oath.

For more information about voting requirements: www.elections.ca

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