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Family Homelessness: Cycle of Impossibility

I recently co-authored a study on family homelessness and housing instability in the Capital Region.  The aim of the study was to figure out, or get a rough estimate of, how many families with dependent children are experiencing or facing homelessness and to find how it impacts their lives. A really important part of this study was having focus groups with families who are or have experienced homelessness. Continue reading

Burnside Gorge offers help to families

Family Homelessness

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A recent Coalition report has estimated that over 260 families in Greater Victoria experienced a housing crisis in the last year alone. The Burnside Gorge Community Association (BGCA) offers a variety of programs and services that support families struggling with poverty. BGCA’s Homeless Family Outreach program works with families who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, to find shelter and/or maintain their housing. We spoke with Kathy Dallman, Family Housing Outreach Coordinator, to learn more about the program and family homelessness in Greater Victoria. Continue reading

It takes a village

Rosalie's Village

Continuing our profiles of projects on the Priority Housing Project List, we’d like to introduce you to Rosalie’s Village.

Rosalie’s Village (a St. Vincent de Paul Society development) will be a 41 unit housing project for female youth with children and older women who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness. It will include an infant/toddler daycare with capacity for 37 children, priority given to residents of Rosalie’s Village. Continue reading

HerWay Home

What would you do if you were a women struggling with drug and/or alcohol use, poverty, inadequate housing/homelessness, mental illness, violence and trauma – and were also pregnant?

In 2006 a committee of over 30 experts, advocates, educators and community organizations came together to research and develop an appropriate service model for women in this very situation. Their solution: HerWay Home. Continue reading