150+ attend All Candidates

Over 150 people came to St. John the Divine Church last night to challenge federal candidates in the Victoria riding to articulate their plans for creating an inclusive community where all citizens have access to affordable housing, sufficient income, employment and the resources required to live life with dignity.

The overall tone of the dialogue was respectful and the audience was very engaged. The closing statements all had one common message: vote for me on May 2nd!

Chris Causton (L) reminded us that he has 24 years of experience under his belt working for local gov’t and promised that the Liberal Party will form a government that LISTENS.

Patrick Hunt (C) ended with the Conservative Party key message – “we need to reduce the debt & focus on job creation.”

Jared Giesbrecht (G) reminded us that this is the time for “new ideas, forward looking, leadership” and a green future.

Incumbent MP Denise Savoie shared that she has worked across partisan lines to secure investments in infrastructure, affordable housing etc. Ms. Savoie closed by asking us to vote for who we can trust to follow through on our vision on May 2nd.

In pure Harold Munn style, as we got ready to depart, our host suggested that if we vote on May 2nd, we will surely be “holy.”