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Fund to prevent homelessness grows

Quote taken from the 2013/14 Report on Housing  & Supports. Visit for more information.

Quote taken from the 2013/14 Report on Housing & Supports. Visit for more information.

One of the best ways to address homelessness is to prevent people from experiencing it in the first place. Helping an individual or family at risk of homelessness maintain their existing housing places less strain on their health and well being and is vastly more cost effective for the system at large. Continue reading

Youth Homelessness Checklist


It is often difficult to identify children and youth experiencing homelessness. Youth living alone and families facing homelessness will try to hide the situation to avoid stigma or because of fear of having children taken away. Early identification, however, can put children, youth and families in contact with services that can assist in times of crisis. Continue reading

Surrounded by Cedar

National Aboriginal Day is just a few days away – a day we celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of the nation’s Aboriginal peoples. In honour of National Aboriginal Day we thought we’d provide you with a closer look at Surrounded by Cedar, an organization dedicated to at-risk Aboriginal youth in our community. Continue reading

HerWay Home

What would you do if you were a women struggling with drug and/or alcohol use, poverty, inadequate housing/homelessness, mental illness, violence and trauma – and were also pregnant?

In 2006 a committee of over 30 experts, advocates, educators and community organizations came together to research and develop an appropriate service model for women in this very situation. Their solution: HerWay Home. Continue reading