19,000+ Victorians Accessing Food Banks Monthly

One of the most important factors driving homelessness in Greater Victoria is the cost of housing. Many individuals and families with lower incomes have difficulty affording rent, putting them at risk of being homeless and forcing them to reduce costs elsewhere. One way many save on monthly expenses is to access food banks. The number accessing food banks is a strong indicator of how many are at risk of homelessness in our community.

That is why we should all be concerned that more than 19,000 individuals accessed food banks and meal programs in just one month – including 5,500 children. The challenge is that almost 3/4 of food banks offer 5 days or less worth of groceries, and the majority are accessible only once per month. What does that mean for the other 25 days?

Here’s a snap shot of the scene in Victoria in March 2011:


We encourage you to share this infographic and make a donation to your local food bank or meal program. Help feed those in need.

For more information about where to access food services in Victoria: Meals & Food Banks
For more information about the Report: Report on Housing and Support 2011/12

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